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The Future of JournalLife

Starting in the late 90s and continuing until a few years ago, I led the development effort for all of the JournalLife software products. Suffice to say, JournalLife was a huge part of my life for many years. Ruth contacted me a few months ago to let me know she…

Use your journal to reach your goals!

Use JournalLife to move you along on your journey of refining and improving your life. I capture the momentum of my own natural ups and downs.  The Daily Pulse feature in JournalLife is a way to observe some of my natural trends, which I might not otherwise notice. For example,…

The Swiss Army knife of journal software: JournalLife

I’ve been thinking about the hammer analogy of the previous post. Yes, journals are tools that people use for a variety of purposes.  And I’d then suggest that JournalLife is the Swiss Army knife of journal software: Many cool tools packed into one easy-to-use program.